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Sophomore Intramurals

Junior Intramurals with Madame Ylaya

3 A Recollection

Batch 96 Junior Soccer Team

Intramurals Seniors

4th Year officers at Leadership Training

the picture that aborted the Conroversial 4A retreat.

Special thanks to Celeste Ong for the pics

Elaine, Donie, Niņa, Karla, Carmina

First Year Intramurals

Chevee, Alona, Hyacinth, Iris, Johanna, Jane, Joreca, Marina

Sharon, Farida, Fely, Hallobel, Elaine, Antoinette

left to right from bottom:

leslie, chloe, celeste o., regina, ingrid, nina, jennifer, marie mae, katherine, emiko, lynn, celeste c., darla, anna leigh