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You are gone ...
But for us you never left
God has you in his keeping
We have you in our hearts


Name: Eleanor Fe Ramos Panal

Date of birth: April 7, 1978

Date of death: December 29, 1997

Eleanor died due to leukemia.

If there's one word to describe Eleanor, that word would be STRONG. She was very strong emotionally ... having been through what I call "emotional torture" (if I were in her place ... knock... knock ... knock...). Imagine, knowing that inevitable fate of dying. And I'm not talking about dying old here; I'm talking about dying when you're in the prime of your life. Ordinary people placed in her position would naturally lose hope, and be resigned to that fate. But not Eleanor; she was NO ordinary person -- she was special. In fact, that very fate made her who she was -- strong, dedicated, kind, righteous. While others in this world would commit suicide just because of a petty problem, she, on the other hand, held on to dear life, struggling and suffering in every step of the way (remember her chemotherapies?). But her efforts were not in vain. When the doctor said she'd die before graduating High School, she did graduate. And we thank the Lord for giving her an extension of her life! But what God wants must be done ... and God did take her. But Eleanor will always be with us in spirit.

She was always a good friend to me. she let me borrow money when i needed it (which was always). She was a perfectionist and i tell u don't argue with her or else..... but most of all i will never forget her for she's one of our barkada during first year until second year and until the day i transferred to another school. I LOVE YOU LANOL!!! I MISS U TOO!!!

ann clyse alferez


Please tell us ANYTHING about Eleanor that we can post here .... what she used to be, what she was like, something like a eulogy ....

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