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"Goodbye Laura, you will always remain in our hearts"

Laura Dumdum died last May 25, 1997 due to a boat accident. It was quite a shocking news to all of us. Let us all honor her memory through this memorial.

Date of birth: January 15, 1979

Date of death: May 25, 1997


It was an ill-fated Sunday last May 25, 1997 when Laura and some of her relatives decided to take the boat ride on their way to Cambuhawi spring in Balamban, Cebu. They were commemorating the death anniversary of Simeon Dumdum Sr., Laura's grandfather. Little did they know that on that very day, tragedy would strike them, and they would soon join their grandfather.

Most of their parents decided to go by land, but the younger generation were more adventurous, so they decided to travel by sea in order to have a more scenic view while going there. There were a lot of theories as to what caused the boat to capsize, among them due to passenger overload and negligence by the 2 men who handled the boat.

The banca reportedly carried 19 passengers, plus 2 boatmen and a child who accompanied the duo. Seven were killed, including 2 teenagers and 2 children. At least 10 children had joined the party en route to a spring where they were to have a family reunion. Those who died were: Laura, Simone Dumdum (Theresian Batch 1995), Vincent Cabarrubias, Alexandra Cabarrubias (daughter of Vincent), Aquiles Cabarrubias, Perisade Cabarrubias, and Candice Flaviano.

I am Portia Manaloto, I would have been part of the batch of 96 except that I left for the United States in 1993, after our freshman year. I didn't know anything that has been going on with STC, until Ana Marie Mayol wrote me and gave me this website. I am very very sorry to hear about Laura's death. She was a very nice person, and she would've done great in her life.

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