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Mailing List


Sorry, but no one is using it. I will let you know if it will be back.


By now, a lot of you know what a MAILING LIST is. But for the benefit of the newbies, here's a little explanation about this.

Electronic mailing lists enable people to send e-mail to large goups, and these lists usually function as discussion forums for people who are all interested in the same topics. This kind of list allows anyone to send mail to a single address on the list and have it forwarded to everyone else on the list. Anyone with an Internet mailing address can participate and every subscriber can be a contributor as well. Sending a message to a mailist list is called posting.

Before you can subscribe, here are rules for you to follow.

Please do not abuse the use of this mailing list and please observe proper netiquette..

1. no advertisements (e.g. selling)

2. no baseless gossips/rumors (unless there's really some breaking news that has truth in it)

3. no annoying comments - be polite.

4. no spamming (someone who does will be automatically kicked out)

5. As much as possible, please do not quote the previous message in its entirety when replying

6. Before replying to a posting, try to think first if your reply is personal in nature. Is it intended for everybody or is it just this for a certain person? In the latter case, please do not press the "reply button" but write to the e-mail address of that person whom you intend to reply.

7. DO NOT send your messages more than once.

Subscribing to the mailing list means you have read the rules above and are willing to accept and abide by them.

Click here!to subscribe to the STC Batch 96 Mailing list or you can go to the URL . Take note: you have to register your e-mail address at first.

OR you may subscribe through e-mail. Just write to

To unsubscribe from the list, write an e-mail to


OTHER STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: - send an e-mail to the list owner - Switch your subscription to normal - Switch your subscription to digest