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DID YOU KNOW .... ??!??

Luanne topped (1ST PLACE) the Regional Civil Exams (Sub-professional) taken last Nov.?

5% of Theresians Batch 1996 (and still rising) have become pregnant?

There are a lot of improvements in STC (too bad, we weren't there when that happened!). As you might already know there are 2 additional buildings (one where the kiosk near the gym used to be located, the other, in the canteen near the Carport area). Apparently, the building where the museum and refectory used to be located had to be demolished because some cracks were starting to appear (The useful life of the building was only 50 years).

Mdm. Tampus (formerly Miss Marte) is already teaching REED @ USC

Mr. Abellana (CLF Teacher, 1st year) is teaching REED @ USC and he still very well remembers our BATCH (who wouldn't??!?). In fact, he recognized some of our batchmates who became his students.