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Lyrics: Adele Marie Muntuerto
Leslie Ann Abao
Celeste Marie Ong
Melody: Celeste Ong
Piano: Chloe Canton

Standing here face to face
Through your eyes I see the memories
Let me hold your hand
From now on we’ll learn to understand

Time has come for us to part
To seek new friends, new horizons
I guess, this is how life goes
But does this have to end so soon

Remember me The life we shared together
Growing up with one another
Becoming who we are today
Remember me
We were just beginning
How simple life was then when nothing
Had to end for you and me

Dry your eyes, please don’t cry
When we think that this is now goodbye
Be strong, carry on
We’ll have to face the odds and let go

Whichever dream we’re all bound for
The memories will never die
I guess, they will always linger
No, this is not goodbye

When you’re out in the world
When you seem to be alone
When you find that the wind is just too strong
Just remember through this song

Thanks to Celeste Ong for typing the song!