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Download the list of all the graduates of 1996 in a single file: stcbatch96.txt


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The alumni list is arranged alphabetically according to family names. You may search for the names, or you may click on the letters below. (please read the note from the webmasters located below)


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A note from the webmasters:

Initially, we wanted to include all photos to appear beside the names, but due to time constraint we have decided not to scan all photos. As you will notice later, we already have scanned some photos from the yearbook. If you would like your photo to appear in the webpage, please send your scanned pic (any) to . This will greatly reduce our effort to scan all your pics. If possible, please name your .jpg or .gif file according to your code.
You can find the peeps who did not graduate with us but who have been part of our batch in the "Other People" file.

If you don't have any scanned pic, we will try to scan one for you from the yearbook. Just tell us.

For corrections (wrong spelling, wrong names, inaccurate information ... etc....) or additional information, please write to the same address.

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